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Mothers vs Fathers

I see a lot of posts on Facebook bashing dad’s and it’s shit! I mean that’s not really an eloquent way of putting it but it’s just everywhere and I’m so fed up of it. Seeing posts and memes of the like implying that dads are useless. There are so many dad’s who are no longer with the mom’s out there who are amazing and you never really see that side of it so here it is…

You all already know that this is Dave, Williams dad 😊
William’s dad and I had a painful ending to our marriage and I was hurt and I’m not afraid to admit it, wanted to hurt him like he had me. BUT not once did I think of using William to do that because it’s wrong and would not only have hurt his dad but William also. Don’t get me wrong I thought of many ways to hurt him that didn’t involve William, combine harvester accidents, hitmen, superglue in his hat, nair in his gel, dog licking his toothbrush, you know… the usual stuff 😂 (I get a little petty sometimes😏) but the top and bottom of it is that I am in fact so very grateful to have Dave as a co-parent. He’s a brilliant dad and absolutely dotes on William. I firmly believe that whenever possible (Which I know it’s not always) kids deserve both parents in their lives and a messy break up shouldn’t prevent that. Dave and I never have to be friends, we just have to be good parents independently and together for our son but that doesn’t mean that one day we can’t become friends..

This unnecessary dad bashing has to stop! Its grossly unfair in some cases because I know men who have children they are desperate to see but aren’t allowed.
I know men who pay everything they have in maintenance and struggle to pay their own rent.
I know men who will buy their children shoes they wanted but didn’t need, and yet their one pair of trainers are held together with superglue.
I know men who travel miles and miles to spend less than an hour with their child.

There is a reason dad’s have dressed as superheroes and scaled building in order to have their voices and rights acknowledged.

Check out the link here for the Fathers4Justice page and read some of the heartbreaking stories.

On the other end of the scale I know of mom’s who have walked out on their babies and never looked back.
I know women who used a man to conceive and then cut that man out their lives.
I know women who restrict access to their child because the relationship between the parents had broken down.
I know women who pay nothing in child support and go out every weekend in new clothes.

I’m not saying all fathers are angels and that some are not useless but the same can be said for some mothers.
I think before we all jump on the bandwagon and slate our ‘baby daddies’ (I hate that term) we should evaluate if the reasons they are “so shit” is because of what has happened between us as their parents or because of the way they are with their child?

I think my point to this post/rant is that some dads moms PARENTS are shit! There isn’t a set gender on being a c**t. Amen! x

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