Our Story

I always envisioned having a ‘normal’ child but what is normal anyway? William is far from normal; he is extraordinary

Just an ordinary single mom from Hull in the UK who is raising an extraordinary little boy, who happens to have autism.

If you don’t already know me, my name is Marie. I really struggled accepting that my child was different, and it was difficult for me to find any resource other than from parents who were further along in their journey, so I thought that I would start to document William’s journey; all the emotions, the research, the appointments and the heartache.

If one other parent who is worried about their child missing milestones, one relative worried about how their family will cope or one person who just doesn’t quite understand reads this and either feels less alone or more educated then I know I have done a wonderful thing.

Some of the things I write about are raw and are often posted during that wave of anger and upset that comes with uncertainty so please forgive me for any spelling mistakes or when the F Bomb slips out. 🙊